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Sanctuary Manu


About 40 minutes from Golfito, 10km before Paso Canoas, there is a sign "Manu" at the interamerican highway. Follow this sign, after 3km you get to the Restaurant


The Ecologic Sanctuary Manu, Its a pact of a family with nature whom since 1974 have been dedicated to the restoration and conservation of their property, making of it a safe haven for the resting and reproduction of flora and fauna, a very important contribution to the conservation and increase of the existing populations of species in the zone.


In their network of trails you can see several species of reptiles an small mammals like squirrels, white face monkeys, squirrel monkeys and at least 36 species of resident birds plus many more migratory. Also a great quantity of insects, where the Blue Morpho butterfly is a common sight, plants, enormous trees and an incredible view of the Valley of Coto from our lookout point.


The restaurant doubles as observatory since is has a strategically located where you can comfortably enjoy a delicious local cuisine meal with a personal touch without missing any of the nesting birds and rapid reptiles activity going on at the main lagoon.


Admission is free to the restaurant

To use the created paths are $ 10 - fee required