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Camping Golfito, Costa Rica

La Purruja Lodge

Although camping is not yet far spread in Costa Rica, there are a few beautiful campsites available in the Golfito area.

Now and then the “La Purruja Lodge” campsites host Pan-American area adventurers in route from destinations like Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.


They offer showers and toilets, a fireplace and private well groomed spaces to set up tents. The “La Purruja Lodge” lies 4 kms. before Golfito and signs are clearly posted at the entrance.


Because the small bridge, camper should not exxed 2.40mtr. (weight limit 5 tons)


Price per person US$ 4.-



risky brigde test by Steyr
but a realy good driver

Hostel Purruja

If there is rain coming up, or somebody don`t want to bulid up the tent, but feel like a camper, our multi bed room, close to the camping site can be perfect.

There are 2 doble story beds and coffe machine in the room, bathroom is outside.


Price: US$ 10.- per Prrson



multi bed room, bathroom behind
funny for backpackers