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Duty fee Shopping in Golfito

After the abandonment of banana plantation by the United Fruits the government of Costa Rica decided to improve the economic live of Golfito and opened in 1990 a duty free zone.

This duty free shopping attracts many Ticos and foreigners from other parts of the country. To benefit this devolpment a special rule was adopted.

One day previous of purchase, by presentation of ID or passport, the TAC (Tarjeta de autorizacion de compras) must be request. The TAC is free and given at the entrance to the duty free zone and permit to purchase up to $1000.- (twice a year)


Opening time for TAC: Tuesday to Saturday 8am- 8pm, Monday 1pm- 8pm

Opening time for shops: Tuesday to Saturday 8am- 4.30pm, Sunday 7am- 2pm


In the about 40 shops of the duty zone a wide variety of products are offered. Cosmetics, liquor, car accessories, electric appliance, clothes, toys and much more. Compared to San José you save up to 50%

It is being offered from many parts of the country`s special bus trips for duty free shopping.

The purchased good can, if not enough space in the vehicle, be conveniently transported by specialized companies back home.