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Achims jungle


Only 100 meters behind the Post Office in the center of Golfito, the Deep Jungle begins. Located here is a dilapidated hut abandoned by the Banana Company when they left golfito almost 30 years ago.


Achim luckily left East Berlin shortly before the Berlin Wall was falling, looking for adventure. According to his statements he ended up in Costa Rica at Dos Brazos on the Osa Peninsula. There he lived for 15 years panning for gold.


Now Achim lives in the "hut" mentioned above. You can take a small tour with him. He will show his little slice of paradise which even includes beautiful waterfalls. Enjoy a cup of coffee with him while he tells some tales of his unique life.


Of course he will be pleased to accept individual gratuities for his tour.


You can most always find Achim sitting in the mornings at the opn air cafe, which is also known as a "soda" in Costa Rica, named the “Muellecito” located just in front of the Pier where the Water Taxis and other boats dock and beach.