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San Vito - Wilson Botanical Garden

Drive to Rio Claro and C. Neilly, turn to The left and follow sign San Vito. A winding road gain in 30 kilometres 1000 metres of altitude. Along the way there is a lookout point where you see the plantation of oil palms in Coto. 5,6 kilometre before arriving to San Vito on the left side is the Wilson Botanical Garden. This gardens are home to around 1000 species of tropical plants of Costa Rica. Here, after paying entrance fee, the tour can begin through the lovely gardens. After about 2 hours, when the hungry signals, take the road to San Vito. After one kilometer on the right is a nice souvenir shop. Then you get into the town, founded by Italian. When those settler arrived after 2nd world war they established the coffee plantations, still the most economic sources. At the church (Catholic, of course) turn left. There is the typical Italian Pizzeria "Liliana". The owner was one of the first immigrant of a group of Italians. The restaurant has a nice terrace and of course you should order in Italian..........


Travel time by car: Golfito - San Vito approx 1.5 hours