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Golfito, Costa Rica

Golfito is located on Costa Rica's South Pacific coast, about 340 highway kilometers from San José.
This small port city is a narrow strip along Golfito Bay backed against steep green hills covered with pristine rainforest, with the Golfo Dulce lying seaward outside Golfito Bay.

The city has a variety of hotels and restaurants, many of which also now provide free wireless Internet service for customers.

Golfito was the main port on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in the days when there was little except huge banana plantations. Diseases which infected the bananas and massive strikes by the workers contributed largely to the United Fruit Company's decision to leave the area.


To help remedy the resulting impoverishment of the region, the government established a duty-free zone.

In addition to the duty-free shopping, there are a variety of activities one can find around Golfito which are more off the beaten path compared to typical tourist activities in other areas.

Beautiful beaches such as Playa Zancudo, and the surfing paradise Pavones are within easy reach from Golfito by car, boat or bus.

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